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Craft Your Own Flower Decor

It's very inexpensive and fun to craft your own flower decor, and these beautiful yet simple project ideas will flourish in your hands and in your home.
Branching Out Floral Arrangement
I typically shy away from arranging my own flowers. I have no talent in this area, but this arrangement looks too fabulous (and easy!) to pass up.

Burlap Scrabble Wreath
With or without the Scrabble tiles, this burlap wreath will look beautiful year around!

Daffodil Pillow Pattern
You'll be dreaming of spring with this easy-to-do Daffodil pillow craft.

Dressed-Up Dish Towels
Dishtowels look too pretty to use when stenciled with flower and other designs.

Fabric Flower Tutorial
I can think a million uses for these fabulous fabric flowers from How About Orange. Hot glue them to your window seal for an indoor faux flower box!

Faux Curled Rosewood Wreath
I can't even describe how gorgeous this easy-to-make wreath is. Check it out yourself at Stephanie Lynn's blog.

Felt Flower Pillows
This felt pillow requires minimal sewing skills, but the small amount of effort results in a modern and gorgeous pillow!

Floral Cluster Pillow
These felt flowers look fab sewn (or simply hot-glued) to an existing throw pillow, or use them to edge a drape, or anything else!

Floral Decoupage Table
Transform that terrible table (or dresser, chair, or even your ceiling!) with a tasteful touch of flower power.

Floral Tissue Tree Branch
May your flowers never fade on this beautiful branch decoration for the home.

Floral Topiary Centerpiece
This will look beautiful on your table, or give as a gift! An great tutorial from Craftlicious.

Recycled Floral Wall Art
You'll flip over this kid and earth-friendly floral wall art made out of paper towel tubes.

Flower Birdhouses
What birdie wouldn't want a home like these? Colorful and floral, this tutorial will have you singing in no time.

Flower Floor Mat
Sarah.Wandering says it's for kids, but this would look great anywhere. Check out her other painted rug posts for more beautiful ideas and DIY.

Fluffy Flower Fabric Bouquet
These are quite original, and gorgeous to boot! And Kreated by Kelly shares how to make your own.

Giant Paper Wallflowers
You'll have a flower attack when you see these big and beautiful paper flowers for your wall, and you'll love how easy they are to make, too!

How to Dry Flowers Video
Drying your own flowers is frugal fun, and dried flowers will last and last in almost any area of your home.

Painted Floral Wall Design
Painting your own floral wall design is easy and much more frugal than those expensive decals, and adds a cool and creative design element to your room.

Paper Birdies
Use a pretty floral paper to craft these beautiful birdies to stand next to your fabulous flower decor.

Paper Towel Roll Flower Bouquet
Save those rolls to craft this cute and creative bouquet from Design by Night.

Rag Flower Wreath
Choose various fabrics to make this gorgeous wreath fit into your decor anytime of the year.

Rhinestone Flower Craft
Add a bit of bling to your home with these glitzy and glamorous rhinestone flowers.

Rolled Flower Wreath Tutorial
Rolled flowers are easy to make and there are plenty of tutorials out there, but this wreath is especially inspiring, so get busy rolling!

Rosette "Pants" Pillow
Reducing and reusing is at its finest with this fabulous rosette pillow made from a pair of pants.

Sheet Music Flower Wall Art
You could use any paper, but this modern flower wall art is especially inspiring when made with vintage sheet music.

Stenciled Floral Tray Mat
Get served breakfast in bed with this beautifully stenciled flower tray. You just have to craft it first, but this tutorial makes it easy!

Stenciled Wall Flowers
If you don't want to freehand your own wall design, this large selection of wall stencils can add a gorgeous touch. But don't limit stencils to your walls - it's easy to stencil fabric (such as pillows, curtains or shades), glass, furniture and more!

Teacup Floral Arrangement
An easy-to-complete arrangement using flowers and foam. Any container will do, but for a fun idea, arrange in large teacups and line up on your table, window seal, patio ledge or shelf.

Tee-Shirt Pom Pom Flowers
Craftaholics Anonymous hung them from a frame, but the sky is the limit with these funky and fun pom pom flowers made from colorful tees.

Tissue Paper Carnations
These are huge and look fabulous hanging over a bed or table. The photos (and how-to) are truly inspirational!

Tissue Peonies
This easy-to-follow photo tutorial will have you making paper peonies to scatter all over you home in a matter of minutes.

Vintage Flower Chair
What a beautiful idea for a chair makeover. You could use this indoors or out.

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