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Secrets of Seduction

Is she hot? Do you need her? Does she make you crazy?

Great queries, although a better one would be. Does she understand? The first thing to be done in order for a woman to be in love with you is to make her notice you. If she doesn't notice you, how can you make a move.

Now don't be dumb here. Don't act like a retard for attention, that's just stupid. Have her to notice you through a relevant subject. Make her inquire about your name. Make her need you. Then after she knows who you are notice her, give her a wink and go back to doing what you were doing. The very last thing you want a girl to know is that you would do anything to get her in your pants. That's right were not getting into her sheets, shes gonna be so hung up on how interesting you are she'll be the one climbing into your sheets.

What makes me qualified to show you this? How can I tell you that I'm great at what I do? Well try this on. Your girlfriend decided she's too young for a committed relationship but still wants to be friends. Cool, so two days later you get a new girlfriend, have her say I love you in bed after some down and dirty. Then you turn around telling your ex-girlfriend. Show her how much better the new one looks than she does, don't tell her that of course. Then when she's all suicidal and feels like hanging up, tell her you still love her and want her back. She then has just rode the roller coaster ride of love and jealousy. Now you milk her, have her out to lunch. But don't hug or kiss her. Make her know you are "just" friends. Then wait a week having only her call you. After a week offer to have her over to watch this amazing movie. Then forget the movie, move in for the kill. Stroke her, make her feel comfortable. Make her feel like you never broke up. Now the b**** is yours. Make your move. She's yours.

Then after she wanted me back, took her back and smashed her heart telling her that I wanted someone else.

Women, they can crush your heart.
But they also rock your world.
Can't live with them, and can't live without them.

Make her interested in you. Then acknowledge, and ignore. She will be so confused she won't know how to handle it. Vulnerability.

Thanks for reading, look for my next lesson about approach.

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