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Search Tips for MySpace's PIM

    Including Specific Words

    • When using the search field on MySpace to find documents in its PIM database, you have the ability to require specific words on your searches by adding a "+" symbol. To accomplish this, you have to type the symbol before each word that you want to require in your search results. For instance, if you want your search results to include the words "ocean" and "waves," you would type it like this: "+ocean" and "+waves."

    Excluding Words

    • Searches on the MySpace PIM can also exclude specific words so that your search results don't display information related to the word you want excluded. To achieve this, you are required to type the "-" symbol before each word you want excluded. For example, if you are performing a search on the word "ocean" but don't want any information related to whales, you would type the phrase "ocean -whales."

    Specific Phrases and Complex Expression

    • Specific phrases can also be used when searching on MySpace, and you can accomplish this in several ways. For instance, if you are performing a search in the form of a question, you can type the entire question as, "How can I study the ocean," or you can simply type "study ocean." You can also find complex expressions on a search by using an asterisk ("*") at the end of a phrase or word to find all possible extensions related to your search. On the other hand, you can also use a tilde ("~") before a word to find similar phrases related to the word in your search results. For example, if you type "~ocean waves*," your search results will contain information linked to the "sea," "tide," or swell" and "sea surf" or "current."

    General People Searching

    • The MySpace PIM database enables you to search for people's profiles using various types of informative details. When looking for a friend, relative, coworker or any person of interest, you can search MySpace's PIM by name, age, email, location (ZIP code, city, state, country), or you can also search for someone alphabetically by last name.

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