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How to Remove Vintage Pontiac Valve Springs

    • 1). Remove the intake manifold securing bolts with a wrench, and lift the manifold off the cylinder head(s).

    • 2). Remove the bolts that attach the exhaust manifold to the cylinder head with a wrench, and pull the exhaust manifold away from the cylinder head.

    • 3). Remove the rocker arm cover's securing bolts with a wrench, and lift the cover off the cylinder head to expose the rocker arms, pushrods and valve springs.

    • 4). Loosen each rocker arm's retaining nut with a socket wrench until the pushrods are loose, then pull the pushrods out of the cylinder head.

    • 5). Remove the cylinder head bolts with a wrench, and lift the head off the engine.

    • 6). Remove the loosened rocker arm retaining nuts, and lift the rocker arms off their studs.

    • 7). Attach a valve spring compressor to the cylinder head. The top of the compressor slides onto a rocker arm stud. Tighten the rocker arm's retaining nut onto the compressor with a socket wrench to secure it in place.

    • 8). Compress the valve spring with the valve spring compressor.

    • 9). Grasp the two valve keepers at the top of the compressed valve spring with needle-nose pliers, then pull the keepers off the valve.

    • 10

      Release the pressure on the valve spring compressor slowly until the spring is no longer compressed, then lift the spring off the cylinder head.

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