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Web conference: New technology; limitless possibilities

The concept

Web conferencing is the next level of oral peer-to-peer communication. Those participating in web conference can actually interact visually and verbally with each other. The audio-visual interaction finds wide application in an array of applications like academic learning, security and surveillance, emergency response mechanism etc. The feed is transferred over the internet and the quality of conferencing is contingent on the available bandwidth.

Strategic advantage of web conference

Seamless and instant communication and collaboration are pivotal for efficient functioning at the personal and professional levels.
  • Swift decision making is facilitated for managers through fast real time collection and dissection of data from any location across the globe.
  • Outcome of virtual collaboration and information shared can be recorded to be tracked and re-used at a later date.
  • Productivity can be taken to the next level through faster collaboration brought about by plug and play instantaneous audio visual interaction. Easy and swift ideation and brainstorming are facilitated through viewing of the common information cumulatively.
  • Incidental costs associated with long distance travels for personalized interactions and other setups can be curbed decisively.
  • With web conferencing facility on, one can invite participation from expert knowledge panel and specialists. This holds true for participants who are situated in offshore destinations or are widely separated geographically. This helps in incorporating the valuable contributions of experts and thus widening the perspective of the conference.
  • Your organization can retain its competitive edge by calling meetings immediately, The fast response time is critical especially at times when a financial distress is afflicting the organizations and managers from distant locations need to keep in touch constantly.
  • The reach of the meeting can be extended at will as new participants can be seamlessly added to the meeting from any location without having to worry about messy appliances.

Web conferencing enhances the adaptability, responsiveness and technical utilization of assets. Organizations which have to set aside a major chunk of their budget for frequent international visits of managers can heave a sigh of relief with this innovative cost cutting initiative. Bridging locations separated by geographical barriers is a breeze. Information transfer and decision making can take place at blistering pace with this new age communication tool.

Modes of web conferencing

Web conferencing is not reserved exclusively for larger organizations where extensive equipment is in use. Even individuals can avail the facility of web conferencing. Elision MassMeet is a web conferencing service that offers varied modes of web conferencing for optimum convenience. These include individualized option (one to one conferencing), one to many, group, and multipoint.

Features at a glance 
  • Varied cloud based deployment modes
  • Option for multi parties to connect to an ongoing meeting
  • Desktop can be shared
  • High definition sharing of information
  • No compromise on the quality of transmitted data
  • Virtual sharing of multiple information modes i.e. videos, documents, presentations etc.
  • Ability to record and playback the proceedings of the meetings
  • Top notch security and encryption features

Elision web conferencing is a new age technology that has limitless possibilities. 

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