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Quizzes As Diagnostic Tools - Am I Stressed Out?

We have seen that stress is at the root of all troubles, particularly in triggering anxiety and depression.  The following quiz would help you find out whether stress has become part of your life style yet. Answer the quiz with ‘YES’ or ‘NO’.

1.    Do you see the negative side first or exclusively in everything you do?

2.    Do you often feel completely overwhelmed by seemingly insignificant incidents or tasks?

3.    Do you find yourself experiencing sudden mood changes over which you have no control?

4.    Do you feel the compulsion of eating something all the time, though you are not hungry? Alternatively, do you feel repulsed by the sight of food? (answer the question that applies to you)

5.    Do you find that in spite of your best efforts there is nothing that you find motivating enough to make you get up from the bed in the mornings?

6.    Do you find that you are mentally and physically crippled until you have a cup of coffee in the morning?

7.    Do you experience back, neck or joints pain?

8.    Do you find yourself suffering from persistent cold and flu often?

9.    Do you find that sex does not excite you anymore no matter what?

10.    Do you suffer from digestive disorders such as bloating, absence of hunger or voracious appetite, gas and the like?

11.    Have you developed of late high or low blood pressure?

12.    Do you find that all the weight seems to accumulate around your waist while your hands, legs, neck and face remain thin?

13.    Do you experience sudden lower back pain?

14.    Is cholesterol present in your blood?

15.    Do you often feel the urge to drop everything and run away?

16.    Do you systematically cut yourself from those who love and care for you, and prefer to live in isolation?

17.    Do you feel suicide is a good way out from the present situation?

18.    Do you find that your memory is playing tricks on your once too often?

19.    Do you feel guilty about everything that goes wrong around you?

20.    Do you find that you are unable to think clearly on any particular (and loved) topic or situation? Everything seems surreal?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to 2-5 questions – you are okay, leading a very balanced life

If you answered ‘Yes’ to 6-12 questions – you are experiencing the first signs of stress, which unless checked, would lead to health problems.

If you answered ‘Yes’ to 13 -20 questions – you are definitely stressed out and need to take a careful look at your present life style and take concrete steps towards reducing stress.

Remember, the root cause of almost all health problems today can be traced back to stress. It is very important that you find ways to release tension and stress else you would be walking on a path of sure self-destruction. As mentioned earlier, stress can cause serious health problems including autoimmune diseases, infertility, heart problems, circulatory problems, mental disorders and respiratory and skin allergies.

Very often the first signs that you are exposed to more stress than you can handle are flashed through feelings of anxiety. This should act as an alarm for you; this is a time when you need to identify the stress inducing factors and introduce measures to minimize their effect on you. The following quiz would help you recognize anxiety even in the earliest stages.

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