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Faux Leather - Care Instructions

Faux leather is the next big thing to leather. No doubt that leather is a classic material and is durable to so many years but it costs so expensive and anybody cannot afford its products. Some of them do afford it but do not want to as they are in habit to use and throw. And if you also fall in the same category and like to change your handbag more frequently, your choice may hit on something inexpensive and trendy. Faux leather handbag is the answer of all your problems. Buy a faux leather handbag which looks exactly or close to real leather and costs really less. It's easy to care and durable to worth the penny spent. Refer online stores to buy faux leather bag, it comes in many varieties, colours and sizes, pick one today.

Now if you own a faux leather bag or planning to buy it, next thing will be its maintenance. It's easy to care with below steps:

Things you will need:
1) Mild liquid soap like dove
2) Clean Sponge
3) White cloth

Care instructions:
1) Take some mild liquid soap, say dove, and apply it to the clean piece of sponge. Clean the surface of the faux leather handbag with soft hands and wipe it off. This will remove the loose dirt or any residue of pollution and environment around. After cleaning the fabric, dab away the soap with a damp white cloth.

2) Next step is to apply a dime-sized amount of soap foam to a wet sponge and work up some lather. Rub on the stains or dirty spots in a circular motion until the spot is clean. The trick is to wet the sponge to the minimum and then squeeze it otherwise the moisture will crack the surface in some time. Once you are done with your cleaning, wipe away the soap with a damp white cloth.

3) If the stains are too hard to clean, you can use alcohol. Just dip a cotton ball in a glass full of alcohol and then rub in on the tough stain like of oil or ink. Continue scrubbing until the stain remains visible.

4) Wipe away the entire bag with a clean white cloth and cold water to remove the soap or foam left. Pay special attention to the areas where the alcohol was used. If it is not removed on time it will cause discoloration, leather cannot bear alcohol for long.

5) Clean dry with white towel. And you are ready with your bag.
Faux leather handbag is really easy to care but it needs timely attention otherwise it will start cracking. One more thing to note: never compare genuine leather with leather as they are completely incomparable. Where leather is durable to many years, faux leather is not that durable. And not to ignore again, where leather handbag cost your 2000, a leather handbag will just cost you around 1000, genuine in looks even dogs get fooled. Care you faux leather bag well!

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