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What Was Installed for Our WordPress Real Estate Blog?

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You’re Installed – Now What
Ok, you’ve done the installation, and your host says that WordPress is installed and ready to use. Now what? I would suggest that you first learn how to use the FTP (File Transfer Protocol) function to upload files, images, videos and more to your blog’s folders. Learn how to get to the FTP function, and log in. Actually do this, as I want you to look at the file folders of the typical WordPress site.

Here’s an image of part of my FTP screen at site level:

Let’s forget about the individual files for now, and talk about the three folders at the top. This is where your stuff is. Actually, your custom stuff is in just one of these folders.

WP-Admin – This folder contains a lot of the operational stuff that runs your WordPress blog. You will probably never have to do anything with it, and you shouldn’t be messing around in it.

WP-Includes – That’s the third folder, and I really don’t need to say anything differently than the wp-admin paragraph above. Just know that this folder has things in it that make it all work. Don’t mess with it, or place anything else in it.

WP-Content – Let’s open it and look at what’s in here, as this is one in which you’ll be placing things.

The contents of this folder can look differently in the case of different WordPress versions or even themes. However, this is common. Images is self-explanatory, with images stored there that you use in your blog. This folder may not be here if your theme uses another place for image storage.

The other two folders are more important.

Plugins – This folder is where you upload any plugins that you want to use in your blog. We touched on plugins earlier, and we’ll get into them a lot more later. Just know that, when you want to use a plugin in your blog, you’ll need to download it to your hard drive, unzip it, then upload it to this folder with the FTP tool your host provides.

Themes – Much like plugins, you’ll place any themes you decide to use into this folder. So, once your WordPress is installed, and you’ve located a super theme you want to use, you’ll download it from the theme site to your hard drive and unzip it. Then you’ll upload it to this folder so that WordPress can find it. Upgrading WordPress

When a new version of WordPress is released, you’ll see a notice at the top of your Dashboard screen telling you that you should upgrade. As of the 2.7.1 version, this is done for you with one click. All of the files, except your WP-Content folder are over-written.

Click to view how the files look once installed. **Click back button to return.

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