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Where Can I Market My Online Startup

So after months of planning and hard work and dedication you have finally come up with your new online store. You have probably given up almost all of your saving, and now you want to tell the entire world about your store, you want to get in touch with your target market and earn revenues as soon as possible and as much a possible. But there is a problem - you do not have as much as funds that you would like to have to spend on marketing and brand building! Well, don't worry you are not alone, there are hundreds of store owners who just like you, feel they could have done better if they had more cash!
But that doesn't mean you cannot market your store and cannot reach out to your target market

1. Social Media websites
a. Facebook
b. Linkedin
c. Twitter
d. Instagram
e. Pinterest

2. Submit PR
While the bigger PR sites charge a bomb, there are hundreds of free PR sites that you can use to submit the latest news and events about your online business
a. PR Log

3. Discussion forums
Use discussion forums to engage with your target consumers. Ask relevant questions and post answers that help market your store. while there are hundreds of forums on the net, the good ones that also accept your links are
a. Quora
b. Warriorforum
c. Buxoff forums
4. Blog -
Blog is the most effective way of communicating to your target market. It is important and imperative to have a official company blog. It also helps you create quality content and helps you in SEO, as each new blog gets indexed by Google as a new page. Some of the free blog platforms are
a. Tumblr
b. Wordpress
c. Blogger

5. Submit Articles - The content that you create on your blog, you can use it to rotate around various article sites to get back- links and also brand building. Some of the free and effective article sites are
a. Goarticles
b. Articlefactory
c. Ezine articles
d. WikiHow

6. Coupons sites - One of the best ways to reach out to more consumers is by providing exciting offers and coupons. Even though you can publish these offers on your website, you need to be a part of a bigger platform. Some of the top coupon sites that you could use, but also charge a commission are
a. Retailmenot
b. Fatwallet
Incase you looking for a free platform that does not charge a commission, it has to be
c. Buxoff
In fact Buxoff has a separate highlighted section on "Newly Launched stores in America" which will also give your store a boost, and all for free!

7. Create quality videos to engage
There is nothing more engaging than creating quality videos. Also it's a well known fact that Google ranks videos higher than other type of content. Some of the free video creating platforms are
a. Videoscribe
b. Powtoons

8. Social Bookmarking -
You need to be where your target consumers are. In such cases social book marking websites play an important role. Some of the top social bookmarking websites are
a. Reddit
b. StumbleUpon
c. Tinderbuzz

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