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How to Profit From a Recession

How do businesses get into trouble in the first place? Well, the answer is clear. These businesses didn't put much thought in recession. They thought that they can survive this global downfall. Fact is, only few companies can survive this. Recession has a global impact on multinational companie

The Downfall of an Economy

Over the years, the United States has emerged as the world's supreme economic power. Since the recession of 2000, the stock market has recovered dramatically and in fact, the country has experienced sustained growth and a healthy job market. However, as often the case, problems undermine a seem

The Catastrophic Consequences, Physical and Spiritual, Individual and National, of Increasing Debt

There are catastrophic consequences of this present financial crisis.These consequences affect the individual as well as the nation.They arise as a result of deliberate spiritual neglect and take on physical manifestations. We are hearing of suicides and other forms of serious self-harm.Leadership i