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Tips to Reduce Debt Ratio

When examining an application for credit, many lenders look at the consumer's debt-to-income ratio as one of the deciding factors in approving an application. The debt-to-income ratio gives lenders a glimpse into the financial picture of a consumer and helps evaluate his ability to repay...

Mortgage Financing Alternatives

Whether you struggle with bad credit or simply balk at the idea of owing hundreds of thousands of dollars to the bank, you may wonder what the alternatives to a conventional mortgage are when purchasing property. Both commercial and private buyers have options available to allow them to purchase pro

How to Reduce the Cost of Debt

Debt is a tricky thing to get rid of because you must pay off the balance you owe, plus interest, finance charges and, possibly, late fees. Paying all of these extras every month may leave hardly any money left for reducing the principal balance. If you keep paying but the balance you owe creditors