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How Do Gold IRA Plans Work?

IntroductionIndividual Retirement Accounts--or IRAs--are a great tool for retirement planning. The IRS created IRAs as a way to save for retirement. IRAs also offer deferred taxation. The owner of an IRA does not pay any income taxes or capital gains taxes on the money in the IRA until...

IRS Form 3520 Instructions

Form 3520 helps the IRS track the flow of money between the United States and other countries. People in the United States forming a trust in another country, transferring money to a foreign trust, or who receive money from a foreign trust need to be aware of IRS Form 3520. This is an informational

The Standard Federal Tax Rates

In the 2010 tax year, the United States' income tax system has six different income tax rates, ranging from 10 to 35 percent. As your income grows, the rate applied to that income goes up so, although you get to keep 90 cents of the first dollar that you earn, you only get to keep as few as 65 cents