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How to Make a Masterpiece

Comics & Animation
Often a lifelong task, creating a masterpiece, the piece that is perfect, that evokes emotion and leaves a lasting impression, requires myriad skills and resilience. While a creative breakthrough may come suddenly, usually the creator has toiled with his materials for a long time, for to create a ma

How to Paint Oil Portraits

Comics & Animation
Oil paints are smooth and easy to work with. They have a fluidity and are easy to blend. If you have ever wanted to paint someones portrait using oil paints, you will enjoy how easy it is to blend skin tones and to create natural shading. Here is a step by step guide to painting a portrait with oil

Hire A Flash Developer

Comics & Animation
Hire flash developers - ActionScript 3.0 is the most recent iteration of the ActionScript language and is incorporated into Flash CS3. ActionScript is the basis of creating interactivity in Flash and a strong foundation in the basics of the language is necessary to create useful Flash applications.