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Black and White Orchids

Orchids constitute one of the world’s largest flowering plant species, with more than 25,000 varieties, notes the University of Tennessee extension in its publication “Growing Orchids in the Home.” Orchids bloom in numerous colors, including, white, green, blue, and what the Univer

How to Convert DRG Files to WAV

DRG files are a proprietary file type that is produced by a software program called I-Doser. This is a program that provides sound files that are purported to alter your mood by synchronizing sounds with your brainwaves. Because DRG files are proprietary, you cannot play them on traditional music

The Eyedropper Tool

In lesson 3 of Photoshop CS2 Basics, you will learn about color modes and color selection methods. This lesson takes a detailed look at the color picker, the color palette, the swatches palette, the info palette, and the eyedropper tool. You'll also learn how to create a custom color swatch col