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Cook Island Drum Dance

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Cook Islands, in the South Pacific, is famous for their drums and dancing. Particular drumbeats are unique to the Cook Islands and they represent an important part of indigenous Maori culture. Each drum rhythm imparts its own drum dance style, and you'll find that they're all mesmerizing and exhilar

Free Magic Tricks

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On the subject of free magic tricks, these can be found in various places, but if you want to keep the "free" part of the free magic tricks, then your best bet is looking through the internet for what you want. You will be able to find many free magic tricks online.

Why Is It So Hard?

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"There" to many actors is just booking the next job on prime time TV, a network commercial or a role in a Broadway musical. That's fine but it's NOT a career. You need to think beyond just the next job. You need an Action PLAN for your entire career. And struggling on your own wi