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Tiki Torch Safety

Tiki torches provide an aesthetically pleasing ambiance to a garden or patio area. They're made out of varying materials like cane, bamboo or aluminum. Different oils can be used to fuel Tiki torches, including those that help repel insects or produce less sooty smoke. Since Tiki torches use flammab

Arts and Crafts for the Garden

Make a birdbath for your garden.Hemera Technologies/ ImagesAdd color to your garden by creating exciting arts and crafts to brighten it up. From homemade stepping stones to rock painting, find all you need to create projects for your garden at local retail, garden and...

List of Plant Fertilizer Brands

Fertilizer is important for plant growth.Plants image by Degitail Imaging from Fotolia.comAccording to the horticulture and crop science extension of Ohio State University, fertilizing is an important part of plant health care. Fertilizing plants helps supplement what the soil is lacking,...