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How to Calculate Nutritionals

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Many dieters carefully monitor the nutritional values of the meals they eat in order to track their daily intakes. Whether you require the nutritional value for simple value tracking, such as total caloric intake, or for use in further calculations such as a Weight Watchers point diet plan, a nutrit

Basic Meal Ideas

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When you are in a rush, overworked and tired, or just plain lazy, the last thing you want to think about is a complex meal to satisfy your hunger pangs. From breakfast and beyond, simple meal ideas that nourish the brain and energize the body are all that anyone really needs to get out of chow time.

Mini-Meal Ideas

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By catching a quick meal between activities, you help your body maintain a healthy blood sugar level. While making or buying a meal depends on your preferences, one way to guide your choices when putting together a mini meal is to strike a balance between protein and carbohydrates, fats and fiber. A