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How to Clean a Combi Oven

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The term "combi" stands for "combination," and reflects an oven's ability to perform multiple types of cooking -- from roasting to steaming. Combi ovens are typically used in restaurant kitchens, and must often endure constant use. This constant use can contribute significantly to the oven's cleanli

How to Hand Solder

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Hand soldering requires you to heat a metal base, a metal object you wish to attach to that base and a small amount of solder all at the same time. The object is to melt the solder so that it flows around the two metal objects and adheres to them to form a solid joint as it cools. The technique requ

How to Find a Blown Fuse

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A blown fuse can occur when a device in the home, such as a hair dryer, overloads the electrical grid. The fuse is destroyed, but in the process protects the wiring from overheating and being damaged. To find a blown fuse, look in the fuse box that is in the basement or attached garage of most homes