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Different Tax Brackets

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Tax brackets can determine how much you forms image by Chad McDermott from Fotolia.comIn a progressive tax system the brackets are the cutoff values after which income is taxed at a higher rate. The Internal Revenue Service adjusts the tax brackets a little each year to account...

Car Leases Explained

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Leasing a vehicle is an alternative to buying. While a lease offers lower monthly payments, there is no equity built into the vehicle, although the lessee may purchase the vehicle at the end of the term. A lease can be an attractive option for the individual who prefers to change vehicles frequentl

Information About IRAs

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Individual retirement accounts, or IRAs, are types of savings plans the law allows people to invest money into to prepare for their retirement. Each year, individuals are permitted to contribute a certain amount of money into their IRAs; often the contributions are tax deductible for the year in whi