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How to Get Rid of a Cat Box Smell

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The first thing people smell when they walk into your house does not have to be the cat litter box. Cat urine odor and bacteria build-up in the litter box causes a strong, unpleasant odor. A clean cat litter box emits very little, if any, cat urine odor, allowing you to enjoy the companionship of yo

How to Get a Dog to Swallow Pills

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Just as no two humans behave alike, dogs show different preferences and behaviors when it comes to accepting medication. A special few will take anything they are offered. Some can be fooled into swallowing their medicine. A wily third group will not take this effort lying down. They will do all the

Natural Cures for Cat Cancer

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If your cat is diagnosed with cancer, conventional treatment options will depend upon the type of cancer, its location and to what stage the disease has progressed. Some cancers could respond to natural treatments and these therapies can, along with conventional medicine, support your pet's health.