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Brewer's Yeast Tablets for Dogs

Brewer's yeast is a popular supplement for dogs. Thought to help repel fleas, improve skin and coat and boost the immune system, brewer's yeast has been recommended and used for decades. However, some of the health claims have not been proven, and there are some risks you need to be aware of before

Taking Care Of An Older Cat

It would be nice if the friskiness of youth would last forever, but cats get older, like all creatures, and begin to slow down and show signs of aging.When dealing with this situation, there are specific challenges related to taking care of a cat as it gets older. Here are a few things cat owners ca

Cat Powder for Fleas

Flea infestations are common in households with cats that have access to the outdoors. Fleas can cause irritation, and are responsible for transmitting several diseases that affect both cats and their owners. Flea powders are a traditional remedy for flea infestations, but have their drawbacks if no