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In the Dark

Have you ever experienced a sorrow so devastating that you felt you were enveloped by heavy, thick, dark clouds? A dreadful darkness that makes God's perfect love seem gone forever, with His grace to bear all things cast into a sea of despair and hopelessness?

Top 5 Self Help Gurus

A guru could be defined as a teacher, advisor or rehabilitator who is using his or her skills to help an individual apply the given advice positively to his or her life. Self help gurus could be described as teachers promoting good behavior in the society by extending their knowledge to desiring ind

9 Ways to Alleviate Stress

To many life constant struggle. We face troubles, problems and situations that demand more time and energy than we really have. This causes us to have to focus more energy on these problems leaving other parts of our life with to little effort, which of course causes them to grow into problems of th