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How to Become a Guru

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The word guru, meaning "teacher," comes from the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit. A guru is a spiritual master in Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism who is able to transmit the wisdom of spiritual study and meditation to others. Follow a few steps to become a guru so you can help others move towards

Superman Tattoo Ideas

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OverviewThinkstock/Comstock/Getty ImagesThe story of Superman is one of comic legend. The sole survivor of a dying planet who came to earth and grew up to save the world, Superman is a symbolic emblem of invincibility, bravery and strength. A Superman tattoo is a permanent way to display...

Problems of Garbage Dumps

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Trash in the United States is disposed in two ways: burning or burying. Both of these disposal methods pose significant problems for the environment and people in general, which makes it very important that individuals realize the problems of garbage dumps in order to conserve waste and prevent maj