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AstroTurf & Injuries

AstroTurf first gained prominence in 1968 when the Houston Astros installed the synthetic playing surface on their baseball field. Although initially praised for its low maintenance appeal and suitability for indoor playing surfaces, studies began to show that athletes were more susceptible to injur

Miami Valley Golf Courses

Tee off in Miami Valley, Ohio.Golf image by Vanessa van Rensburg from Fotolia.comThe Miami Valley is a stretch of Ohio comprising a number of towns and cities, each offering shopping, cultural events, restaurants and, for the sports inclined and outdoor enthusiasts, recreation such as...

NFL Rules for a Blocked Punt

Football players wrestle over a ball.Football image by Richard McGuirk from Fotolia.comPunting in American football typically happens when the offensive team cannot attain the necessary yardage for a first down (10 yards in four plays). When punting, a player designated as the punter will...